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Playing on the senses in a creative environment, HVOR invites you to taste its original, gastronomic dishes made from organic ingredients.  The restaurant has its own urban garden, redefining the farm-to-table concept as essential rather than conceptual in order to bring local and seasonal products to the menu.

HVOR is also proud to have partnerships with many local organic farmers and artisans throughout the Belle Province.  From vegetables, herbs, and spices, to various meats and fish, all products used at the restaurant are chosen with great attention and care.

HVOR is inspired by the Danish word hvor, pronounced “vor”, meaning “where”, introducing a unique concept here in Montreal.


We are open from 6:00pm to 10:30pm,
Tuesday through Saturday.

Housing our own beehives on the terrace, our Chef and his team often use honey to cause an unparalleled experience

Support and Biodiversity

Our bees are fed by a selection of small flowers and plants surrounding our hives, producing an excellent quality honey. Bees traditionally represent luck and we believe that having beehives on our rooftop adds to the city's biodiversity and environmental support.

As the Seasons Change

The urban garden has over 2000 plants including vegetables, lettuce, herbs, spices, fruits, and flowers, rotated seasonally and picked at perfect maturity! 


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